Art Moderne Table Lamp
with 'surprise' trap door for changing night-lite bulb inside fluted tortoise shell phenolic base
conserved and rewired using hand braided electrical cord


Set of Seven Gilt-plaster Oyster Shell Shaped Sconces
(from a house in Sea Cliff)
gilt finish restored/rewired


Bathroom with Lilac Color Walls
pair of custom hanging lights using vintage parts
(porcelain sockets, nickel-plated fittings, vintage milk-glass shades, & braided cord)


Set of Four Craftsman Era Wall Sconces
restored and rewired for a private chapel in a Napa Valley estate


Vintage Skin On Canoe Frame
converted to...

a chandelier...

oil rubbed bronze fittings

vintage double electrical socket and braided cord


1970s Art Deco Revival Boudoir Lamp
restored with nickel plate fittings, custom dyed hand-braided electrical cord
and vintage cream-color in-line switch and plug


Custom "Hat" Light
repurposed Napoleonic tin bicorne hat case with French General's epaulettes

custom pulled thread rosette centered with bronze fitting from a Napoleonic sword

for a toilet cabine upholstered in vinylized blue and white mattress ticking

Set of Four Empire Revival Double Sconces c. 1910
rewired for American usage with custom brass thread reducers

in situ
with custom silk shades


1930s "Hollywood" Christmas Tree Stand
restored using vintage sockets and braided red rayon electrical cord

"as found"

Glass "Feather" Fixture, c. 1939
conserved and rewired