Sunday, January 8, 2017


You are cordially invited to visit the on-line site of designer and antiques dealer Franklin John Kakies.  I offer a variety of specialized services including custom residential interiors, seasonal display, and object-specific conservation and restoration.

In addition to full service design work, supported by hand-drawn plans and elevations, I offer up to two-hour consultations for a flat fee.  Consultations are frequently used for:
    • Initial color consultation
    • Advice on placement of existing furniture and art works
    • Review of window treatment options
    • Discussion of potential bathroom and kitchen renovations
    • Extended interview of design firm 
  • Cleaning, conservation, and restoration of furniture and objects for the householder and collector
  • Custom lighting, featuring the re-furbishing of period light fixtures and the creation of original and bespoke fixtures from vintage and modern parts
  • Display and decoration, specializing in Christmas and other gala events